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Welcome to Edward Forbes and Company Limited -- Certified Practising Accountants. We pride ourselves in being accountants with a commercial awareness. This means that not only do we put your numbers together, but we also take the time to explain them, in language that you can understand. We also go the extra mile to look for ways to save you money, make you money or make your business more efficient.


You will be pleasantly surprised at the various services we offer under accountancy, to make your business life easier, so please take some time to explore our services.


We firmly believe in the process of co-creating - that is, us working with you to plan and execute your business strategy to perfection. Consultancy for us is about transforming your creative energy and ideas into tangible business solutions. This is what we do, and we aim to do it well.

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Xero Accountant in London

It’s with great pleasure that we announce that we’re now Accounting Partners with the cloud computing firm Xero.

We’re excited about the beautiful accounting software, because it has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with our clients. With the accounts in the cloud, our clients and us can now work on the same information, from anywhere on the planet – as long as there is an internet connection.

There is even a mobile app for those extremely busy executives who still need to keep their fingers on the financial pulse of their organisations.

With banking now safely in the cloud, and HM Revenue and Customs doing almost all its business online, it was just a matter of time before the accounting profession went in the cloud as well.

The Xero platform was the perfect solution for us, and we immediately ceased the opportunity and became Accounting Partners. As a matter of fact, we liked this software so much, that we became Certified Advisors in Xero.

As Xero certified accountants we are able to assist with your transition from your present software. We also offer setup support and training.

Cloud computing for us is about the possibilities it opens up for the way we can add value to your business. It is also consistent with our mission to use technology to link with our clients.

Xero is loved by over 200,000 people worldwide. Why not visit them for yourself, and see what is attracting so many people.

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What Our Clients Say

Tuttitalia Limited

"I've been dealing with Edward Forbes and Co since April 2007. Actually I wouldn't have a Company today if it hadn't been for them. They have taken care of Tuttitalia since the birth and have kept doing a great accountancy and consultancy job ever since. I think, as long as you pay, you can definitely find a good accountant -- but I have been lucky enough to find a company even better. During tough times like these I felt the difference, and benefited from it."

Goldluck Services Company Limited

"The service I have received from Edward Forbes and Company Limited has been first class. Our company tax and financial affairs are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. I have been with them for a few years and I have always found them to be impeccably courteous, discreet and sensitive to our business needs."

On Demand CM Ltd

"Edward Forbes and Company Limited was introduced to me as a strong recommendation from a friend, and I have not been disappointed. They understand my requirements well, respond to requests promptly, and have offered friendly advice and direction from the first meeting onwards. I am sure we will continue to work together as my company grows."

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